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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Is All Smiles When This Cashier Let Him Help Her

Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone's day is a small gesture, and Jeanie Robinson from Temecula, California has captured this perfectly with her video.

Jeanie's son Andy has cerebral palsy, and she writes on Instagram that "some days are challenging," but on other days Andy's personality shines through. Last Friday, while the pair were shopping at a WinCo grocery store, Andy walked around smiling from ear to ear.

Their cashier noticed how happy Andy was, and offered to let him help her ring in their purchases. Just the look on Andy's face as he helps scan the boxes is enough to turn a bad day good.

"That not only made my day," Robinson writes, "but he was so excited he came home to tell his older siblings all about it. He's still smiling!"

We bet you are too. Andy's smile really is contagious, so since you're in a good mood now, be sure to share this video with someone you know to pass on the good feelings.

We'd all be happier if we could appreciate the simple pleasures in life like Andy does!

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