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Brave Toddler Has Sight-Saving Surgery On Tumour

Colby Ramos-Francis was born with a small tumor growing over his eyelid.

His parents passed it off as a birthmark but kept an eye on it as days went on. By 6 weeks, Colby's 'birthmark' was getting out of hand.

It was a benign hemangioma which was blocking Colby's right eye. His young parents sought help and found solace in the Little Baby Face Foundation who opted to provide free surgery to remove Colby's tumor.

"If it hadn't been removed properly it could have resulted in him losing his eyesight. It was so emotional seeing him trying to touch it and realising it was not there anymore," said his mom, Aimee Ramos-Price.

Take a look at this short clip about Colby's journey and his ultimate happy ending!

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