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BREAKING: "16 and Pregnant" Star Found Dead At Age 23

One of the stars of 16 and Pregnant from 2010 has been found dead from an apparent drug overdose.

Valerie Fairman was 23 years old and a single mother to her daughter, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards.) Her daughter has been in the care of Valerie's adoptive mother.

Fairman had been struggling with substance abuse for some time. She was at a friend's house in Pennsylvania when her friend became concerned that Valerie had not returned from the bathroom. Her friend broke down the door and found her unresponsive.

Fairman had recently been in trouble with the law, being arrested for assaulting her mother, prostitution, resisting arrest, and making false identification to law enforcement.

It's so sad to see a young person fall down such a terrible path, especially with a young child. We can only pray that her family finds peace in the future and that her daughter remembers her mother with love and happy memories.

Rest in peace, Valerie.

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