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Bride Invites Her Sick Mom Onto The Dance Floor, Then They Got The Party Started

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Huffington Post/ Facebook/ Sheila Rossi

One of the things we look forward to most at a traditional wedding reception is the first dance.

The bride and groom come together for the first time as a married couple and, as they slowly sway around the room, it seems as though the whole world stops for a few magical moments.

After they part, it's the father's turn to hold guide his little girl across the dance floor in an often tear-filled embrace. It's a magical moment of a different kind that many people look forward to on their special day.

But what if dad's not in the picture?

Meet Julia and her mom Sheila.

Sheila Rossi raised her daughter as a single mother. Julia calls her mom her "best friend" and "hero," and it's not hard to see why.

Being a single mother is tough enough, but Sheila managed to do it all while battling cystic fibrosis.

While the disease leaves her short of breath, she doesn't let it hold her back from being there for her daughter - especially when it comes to wedding planning!

Julia was set to be married on July 8 and she wanted her supermom to have a very special role in the celebration.

Not only was she the mother of the bride, but she would also step into "dad's" shoes for the father-daughter dance. Together, the bride and her mother practiced a choreographed dance for hours.

See how all their hard work paid off on the next page!

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