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British Soup Kitchen Runs On A Shoestring, Still Feeds Everyone At Christmas

The Brixton Soup Kitchen got it's start out of the back of founder, Solomon Smith's car in 2013. It's motto - open doors and hearts to everyone that passes through - especially during the holidays.

Founded in 2013, the community organization was created to fill a need. Solomon recognized that his community was missing a space for homeless people and others in need of food, shelter and support. Now, he and his team have served over 10,000 meals and serve on average 45 people each day - five days a week.

These amazing people from all walks of life come together and work extra hard for those who have nothing. Unlike many other community organizations, the support center will remain open all day on Christmas Day. Volunteers will be ready to offer food, clothes and friendship.

For the first time in years, the Brixton Soup Kitchen was able to turn on the heat. The organization has been operating without a heating system for years before a volunteer mentioned the cold conditions to the company boss of LS1 Boiler Instatllation, Wayne Tomlinson.

Tomlinson made everyone's Christmas wishes come true when he installed a $6,000 USD heating system and became Brixton Soup Kitchen's main sponsor!

When people ask Solomon Smith where he'd like to see the Brixton Soup Kitchen in five years, his answer is  "closed down. I want Brixton Soup Kitchen to be liquidated because there's no homelessness."

Here's to hoping his wish comes true!

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