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Two Bullies Are Put In Their Place

Two bullies attacked a boy who was just sitting at a table. The sucker-punch to the side of his head prompted him to cower and try to avoid the hits that just seemed to keep coming. It wasn't until someone finally stepped in that they stopped. Another boy jumped in and took on the bullies, shoving them away from the one kid and proving that even the thought of standing up against a bully is sometimes all it takes.

The kid who stepped in manages to fight off the two attackers and separates them from the victim. It isn't clear what the incident was that sparked the violence, but no matter what turning to, violence and having two people team up against someone is not the right option. The thing is, it is nice to see someone actually stand up for the kid. As a group of teens surrounds them, it is refreshing to see this young man jump into stop the fight as soon as that first punch is thrown. There is also a girl who, once the constant threat of punching stops, goes to check on the kid.

This situation is unfortunately prevalent across the country, with 22% of students reporting they have experienced bullying in their school year. Bullying needs to stop. If young kids can stand up to those who think it's alright to attack someone, then hopefully it will discourage others in the future. Watch the video below to see how one teen stands up against bullies.

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