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Bystanders Form A Human Chain To Rescue A Man From A Burning Car

A dozen people were quick to help out a man in need after his SUV drove off the highway. The car began to smoke and the witnesses knew it could go badly really fast if they didn't intervene, so the bystanders organized some help before the police arrived. While a few people ran in search of fire extinguishers at a hotel, others climbed down to the vehicle to begin to pull the driver out.

The problem that the rescuers found was the driver was resisting the help. When Tom Sais unbuckled the man's seat belt, the driver held onto it and tried to stay in the car even though it was clearly in bad shape.

"I grabbed him and started pulling, but he wrapped his arm, he wrapped both arms around the seat belt. He said leave me alone. He started yelling leave me alone" Tom Sais - the man who got him out of the car

Once they finally got him out of the car, the police arrived and went down to help pull him up the hill. Because it was so steep many of the bystanders started forming a human chain to help get them back up the incline, dragging the man with them.

"Strangers coming together for a common goal, saving a man's life. it was beautiful." - Tom Sais said of the help from the bystanders.

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