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500 Cows Were Stolen And We're Udderly Shocked

How do you steal 500 cows? That's what one farmer in New Zealand would like to know. The guy who owns the herd posted on Facebook, begging for information on who took his livestock. But when he was approached by media, the farmer was too embarrassed to talk about it.

Now, it's not like these cows were stolen all at one. The herd was counted in early July and again in late August. In that time, 500 cattle were stolen from the herd of about 1300. It adds up to a worth of about $1M in New Zealand, or $773,000 USD. It's considered the largest cattle left in the last couple hundred years.


According to Andrew Hoggard, chairperson for The Federated Farmers Dairy Industry, it's believed the cows were stolen to be butchered and sold illegally for meat. His main concern is how the thieves could butcher that many animals hygienically.

Hoggard believes the cows were stolen in small trucks over a course of many nights so as not to raise suspicion. He believes the police should be taking this as seriously as a bank robbery, as it could potentially end the business of this farmer.

New Zealand police have not yet commented on the situation.

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