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Can You Tell Which Foods Are in These Microscopic Photos?

It can be really mind blowing to think about how absolutely everything in this giant universe of ours is made of really, really tiny little molecules.

Even the food we eat is made up of these little building blocks. Thankfully, they're too small for us to see, because some of your favorite foods look very different up close.

Caren Alpert, a photographer from San Francisco, shows what our food really looks like using a high tech scanning electron microscope. These ultra-close ups take weeks to make, because after the complicated process is done, Alpert still has to add the colors back into the photos herself.

See if you can tell what foods are in these incredible photos!

Banana skin.


Coffee bean.

Cake sprinkles.

Chocolate cake.

Sun-dried tomatoes.

Fortune cookie.

Red licorice.

Life saver.

Pop tart.

Table salt.

Purple onion.


Red cabbage.

Shrimp tail.



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