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Canada Announces Who Will Be On The New $10 Bill

Canada has made a major announcement about their currency, and it's making history.

The Bank Of Canada announced that Viola Desmond, an African-American woman who sparked the civil rights movement in Canada, will be the new face of the $10 bill.

Desmond will be the first woman, besides the Queen, to appear on a piece of Canadian currency.

Many Canadians will recognise Viola Desmond's story from her Heritage Minute, which highlighted her brave actions in fighting segregation.

Viola Desmond was a Canadian businesswoman from Nova Scotia. She challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in 1946. She was arrested for sitting in a whites-only section of the theatre, but Desmond knew it was really about her skin colour. Desmond acted nine years before Rosa Parks, the famed civil rights activist. The two are often compared for their incredible devotion to the movement.

Desmond was offered a posthumous pardon, which was the first ever in Canada. The government of Nova Scotia apologized for convicting her for tax evasion and even went so far as to acknowledge Desmond was rightfully resisting racial discrimination.

Viola Desmond passed away in 1965 at age 60, but her sister is still alive and will speak at the ceremony honouring Viola later today.

Thank you for everything you accomplished, Viola Desmond! You are a true part of Canadian history.

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