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Canadian Museum Can Find Your 2000-Year-Old Twin!

A museum in Quebec is preparing a fascinating exhibit that you could actually be a part of! Francois Brunelle has begun a project that is remarkably interesting; He is trying to find people who look just like famous statues so he can display their portraits beside them, and you could be one of them.

The project is called "My 2000-Year-Old Double".


The exhibition will take place in October and thirty faces will be chosen to be displayed. They are using facial recognition software to compare the features of your face alongside their collection of 60 statues. They used 123 landmark points to get the best matches possible.

Everyone is welcome to test their photo and see if they are a match. which you can to right on their site. Have you ever been told you have a familiar face? Well, maybe it's one that has been immortalized in stone!


Check out this video for more information then go submit your face for consideration!

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