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This Canadian Plumber's Hilarious Car Decal Is Marketing Genius!

Nick Huckson has something no other plumber in town has: a great marketing strategy. He had only been in operation for six weeks, when he thought of the hilarious idea for a decal on his work truck. He brought his plan to Lori and Randy Perin at Classic Signs and they got to work on the design.

Nick's a third generation plumber with a reputation to uphold in the community of Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada. "I'm trying to carry the Huckson legacy," he told local news. ""I wanted something that people would remember," he said. "As soon as they looked at my truck, I wanted it to stick in their mind."

Well, it's definitely stuck! Since posting the picture has already gained over 5,000 points on Reddit. Check out Nick's page here and the Reddit post here.

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