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Canadians Deliver Pig, Tree And Christmas Presents To Stranded Sailors

The 16-member crew of a stranded ship cheered when Canadians from the Vancouver area shipping service and Canadian/Filipino community hoisted up a Christmas tree and a 20-kilogram pig.

According to news reports, the Filipino crew of an empty container ship has been stranded of the coast of Vancouver since August and it doesn't look like they're going home anytime soon.


The South Korean and Filipino crew members have been homeless since August. They are tied up in an international bankruptcy issue that has left them stranded 43 miles from the Canadian coast.

The number one request from the stranded crew has been for warmer clothes. Since they weren't expecting to be on the Canadian shores during these cold months, many men were unprepared.

Many maritime labor groups and members of Victoria's Filipino community gathered over a tonne of Christmas provisions including donations of food, gifts, drinks and, of course, warm clothes.

"It's lonely," said sailor Romeo Cabacang from the Philippines. "But all the crew, we are very happy for the early Christmas gift. We are very happy."

Even though the ship does have an internet connection, and the crew are able to talk with their families,  they still don't know when they're going home. For now, at least, they have everything they need for a cozy Christmas.

Hopefully they can get home to their families safely for the new year!

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