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Cancer Survivor Mom Can't Feel Her Babies Kick, Until Someone Hands Her This Belt

Sharde has been cancer-free for five years, but her battle against the disease cost a tragic price: the ability to carry her own child.

Thankfully, with the help of a surrogate, Sharde and her husband, Jake, are expecting twin daughters very soon!

Although the couple are ecstatic about the impending birth of their daughters, Sharde is still sad that she will never get to experience that first connection with her daughters in the womb.

"To feel them and have them move inside me and feel a kick ― that's something I"ll never be able to experience."

So, Huggies stepped to deliver a mini-miracle. They hand Sharde the Hug Belt and when she puts it on, she can't help but weep with joy.

The Hug Belt is a wrap-around belly band that enables the wearer to feel a baby's movements with electronic sensors. Even though it was originally created for dads, it's fulfilled a very special purpose for women like Sharde.

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