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Capricorn Year Ahead 2017

Capricorn, as the goat of the zodiac, you are no stranger to hard work. Many people focus on the goat symbolism of your personality and forget completely about your fishy side.

Sure, you can navigate long and treacherous terrain with a sure foot and a steady pace. But, you've got a deep, emotional side that you can navigate just as expertly.


This year, you'll want to re-focus your natural honesty and tough love on the one who needs it the most - you! Take all the time you need to re-evaluate your values and beliefs about who you are, then begin the deep, personal work of change for the better!

But first, Family...

The first half of the year will strongly focus on the changes happening in your home and family life. Some will be your choice, while others will be out of your control.

Uranus is a slow-moving planet, so it will still be taking up space in the home and family sector of your chart this year. Try to go with the flow and be as adaptable as you can be during this time.

Mars is also a driving force of the changes happening in your home life this February - you might move, plan a family gathering or make more efforts to connect with distant relatives.


Venus will retrograde in your home and family sector this March, so you might find that you're squabbling more with the people in your household, put-off home improvements and be stalled in the sale of your home.

Mercury also retrogrades in this sector during the second half of April, so communications will be tense. You can revisit the old reno projects that you let slide in March, but consider working on your own - at least until May.

New Love

You're off to the races on February 11 when the lunar eclipse elevates your intimate relationships to the next level. It could be anything -  you finally say "I love you," he gives you a key to his apartment, a marriage proposal, or you're finally comfortable enough to pass gas in front of each other.

Hey, it's the little things that count.


March - mid April, Mars is in your love sector. So, couples: keep it fresh, introduce more romance and spice things up with some flirting; return to how it was when you first met. Singles: be sociable, keep it casual at first - enjoy the process!

Mercury is retrograde April 9 - May 3  in your love sector, be mindful of not having enough time for your loved one. You may go through a period of lackluster love where you don't quite get the romancing you want. There'll be communications issues, so do your best to be understanding.


Mars moves into your relationship sector June to mid-July, expect high-energy and drive that will help you zero-in on making healthy connections and wooing your beloved. Singles are ready to get serious, so set your online dating accounts to "long-term relationship" and see who shows up!

Mars transitions to your intimacy sector in mid-July until August. Use this period to strengthen emotional bonds, and take bold action in love. The solar eclipse on August 21 will add even more depth and intensity to your emotional connections. Don't hold back, go there.


Mercury retrograde in the first week of September will cool things down and communications will be stunted. As with all Mercury retrogrades, take it one day at a time.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As an earth sign, you're one of the more practical people of the zodiac. That being said, channel your inner business guru and make some practical investments this year.

You have very good odds of making some solid financial and career gains in 2017 that will reward you later in your career and your life.  

Jupiter the bringer of luck and expansion is still in your career and life path sector until mid-October - so keep pursuing your goals and make the most of every opportunity.

Mars will move into your work sector late April through to May. This is a highly productive time and you'll find yourself able to focus on the details that would normally have slipped through the cracks.  Don't hesitate to reach out to colleagues and friends for help. Remember, teamwork is smart work.

Capricorn, you have a profound understanding of life through hardships, if anyone can call upon their practical and tough nature to sort us all out - it's you!

This year, remember to make room for love. Because, at the end of the day, it's all we really need.

Good Luck!

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