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Caroline Kennedy Shares A Side Of Her Father That The Public Never Got To See

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Even after his untimely death, John F. Kennedy, popularly known as JFK, is still one of the most talked about figures in American politics.

In 1960, Kennedy won the presidential race against Richard Nixon and went on to become the 35th President of the United States. However, his term was short-lived when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963.


Kennedy left behind a legacy that changed America forever including his contribution to the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Revenue Act of 1964.

If he had been alive today, JFK would've been 100-years-old on May 29th so to commemorate the former President's centennial, his daughter Caroline and grandchildren shared a touching and inspiring video message.

In the video, Caroline, Kennedy's only surviving child, is joined by her children, Tatiana, Rose and Jack Schlossberg to reflect on JFK's legacy 50 years after his death.

Caroline shared a few fond memories about growing up with JFK, while her children offered some thoughts on their famous grandfather and what he'd be like if he was living under today's political climate.

"He is a historical figure," said Caroline. "One hundred years is a really long time, but I think his legacy and these values are timeless and they live on."

The proud Kennedy clan revealed shared some very touching details about their grandfather's life.

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