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Cary Grant's Troubled Personal Life Is Revealed In A New Film

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With his classic Hollywood good looks and his comic timing, Cary Grant became one of the most famous and beloved leading men of all time, rubbing shoulders with huge stars like Clark Gable and James Mason. But off-screen, life wasn't so rosy for the star. He famously once said that "everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant," and a new documentary called Becoming Cary Grant reveals just how hard it was for a young Brit named Archibald Leach to transform himself into the movie star we all know.

Using Grant's private letters and home videos, the movie reveals secrets that even his biggest fans didn't know.

Like, for example, how Grant was affected from a young age by his mother's mysterious disappearance.

Grant came home one day when he was a boy to learn his mother had moved to a resort town and abandoned his family. His father quickly remarried, but Grant couldn't get over being "rejected" by his own mother.

To fill the hole in his heart, Grant says he chased relationships with other women, from his 5 short and unhappy marriages to a rumored connection with Marilyn Monroe.

Grant and Marilyn Monroe in "Monkey Business" (1954)Moriah Densley

It wasn't until decades later that Grant discovered his mother had actually been institutionalized in an asylum. He took her home and cared for her through the rest of his life, but the impact of her "disappearance" still weighed on him.

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