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Cat Started Stealing Money As A Game, But Now It's Helping People

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When you need to make a couple dollars, most people will pick up a second job or do a few odd jobs for cash. Stealing and pick-pocketing are generally frowned upon...but apparently not when you're a cat.

One office cat from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been lovingly named CASHnip Kitty after it was discovered that he was stealing from people who walked by to say hello.

CASHnipLove Meow

CASHnip Kitty was adopted by GuRuStu when he was just six months old. The Tulsa Animal Shelter approached the company, asking if they could take him in.

"They said they found him out running around in an open field. He was homeless before coming to live with us," said Stuart McDaniel, owner of GuRuStu.

Immediately, CASHnip Kitty was a help to the office. Their pest problem disappeared and he also helps lift spirits.

"He hangs out with everyone at the office and often walks on our keyboards and even sends a few emails before we're ready for them to be sent," jokes McDaniel.

Now, at two years old, CASHnip Kitty spends his days looking out the window at the office.

"Our buildings are located in one of the entertainment districts in downtown Tulsa and a lot of foot traffic goes by our door," McDaniel said.

About a month ago, the staff at GuRuStu started noticing some dollar bills lying near the door. The pile kept growing, and no one really knew where it came from.

That's when the team decided to test a theory.

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