Cat Owner Catches His Two Curious Pets In All Sorts Of Boxes

According to the latest research, the average cat owner spends $28 every year on toys for their pet, which will seem like a big waste once you watch how much fun these cats have with a few cardboard boxes.

Cats Cole and Marmalade live with their owner Chris Poole, who chronicles all of their adventures online. In this video, called "A Cat's Guide to Boxes," they show off their curiosity and creativity, turning old shoe boxes into "ambush boxes" to trap Poole with.

It's remarkable how much fun these two seem to have with something as simple as a vacuum box. Cats are almost like kids, they seem to use their imaginations to make the most of what they have,

So the next time you're about to throw away an old box, see if your furry friends will get a kick out of it, like these two did.

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