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Little Girl Didn't Realize Her Parents Got Her A Kitty For Christmas

Giving a pet as a Christmas gift takes a lot of work. You have to buy all the supplies  to take care of them and then somehow keep them happy and healthy until the big day.

It's not like you can just wrap them and put them under the tree!

And even if you do everything right, something is bound to go wrong. These parents found that out the hard way. After all their hard work to surprise their daughter, this sneaky cat spoiled their plan at the very last second!

Still, like Heather Brooker (the mother in this video) writes in the video description: "Sometimes life's imperfect moments are more perfect than you could imagine."

See for yourself!

You can't blame the cat for needing some alone time, being carried around in a box must be pretty nerve-wracking. Hopefully these two got along better after the surprise had worn off.

One more thing: Brooker reveals on her blog that her daughter Channing named the cat "Gracie I Love You Brooker." Isn't that just precious?

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