10 Celebrities And The Crazy Conspiracies They Totally Believe

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We all have those theories we believe, even though we know they're probably not real. Ghosts, aliens, zombies, whatever it is...you've got one.

Celebrities are no different when it comes to conspiracy theories. Even the famous let their minds play tricks on them.

1. Woody Harrelson

Hollywood Reporter

Harrelson is considered one of the most informed people in Hollywood, known for his connections to some pretty important people. This is why his theories are often believed to be based in fact. Harrelson is a 9/11 Truther, a JFK assassination denier, and believes in secret societies bent on creating elitist rule (such as the Illuminati.)

2. Demi Lovato


The singer and former Disney star has always been outspoken about what she believes in, whether that's being sober, supporting equal rights, or being true to yourself. She's also somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on the existence of aliens.

“I know they exist,” she said in the past. Exactly how she knows this has yet to be seen, but I'd love to know her sources. Let us in on the secret, Demi!

3. Jesse Ventura


The former actor, wrestler, and US Navy member has a slew of conspiracies he believes in. He even has a TV show about them all called Conspiracy Theory. He also believes 9/11 was an inside job. Ventura also maintains that the government uses mind control on its citizens and that Area 51 is a big cover-up for alien life forms. Ventura says he's been questioned by "unidentified individuals" before, which is why he believes in these theories.

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