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11 Celebrities Who Proved It's Never Too Late To Get The Body You Want

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Celebrities face a lot of pressure to look a certain way, whether it's because they want to play a part in a movie or because they're under constant public scrutiny.

That being said, the best celebrity transformations are the ones that are achieved through confidence and/or perseverance.

Here are 11 famous celebrities who feel good about the changes they've made to their appearance.

Mark Wahlberg

The Pain & Gain actor is well-known for his tough-guy attitude, and he's worked hard over the years to maintain a body that compliments the personality.  

Scott Thompson (Carrot Top)

Th iconic red-haired comedian went through quite the transformation to achieve his dream look. Despite his denial on going under the knife, it's unclear how his face looks like it got a facelift. All that can be said is that he's happy and confident about his new look.  

Matthew Lewis

Geeky Neville from Harry Potter is another Hollywood star known for his dramatic transformation. He persevered for that dream look and nailed it.


Adele revealed that cutting sugar from her diet helped her to lose weight. She said she used to drink 10 cups of tea a day with two sugars in each. But she can't deny that her meals, supplied by Pure Package, contributed to her healthy lifestyle and gradual weight loss.

Jennifer Hudson

Grammy and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson turned heads in 2010 after she lost more than 80 pounds. She even went on to become the ambassador at Weight Watchers. Although she parted ways with the weight loss program in 2014, she's proud of her dedication and accomplishments.

These next ones may be a shocker!

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