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Breathe New Life Into Your Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Chalk paint may not be the most recent trend to sweep across the DIY community, but it has continued to be one of the top projects. Since chalk paint first started gaining popularity people have expanded what they could do with it.

Chalk paint, for those who don't know, is a paint with an incredibly matte finish that claims to go on without needing a primer and will work on almost any surface. Annie Sloan brand chalk paint is one of the most popular brands, but there are several other types that you can use and still achieve these looks. Check out a few examples and get some tips to give your bathroom or kitchen cabinets the makeover they deserve!


Chalk Paint 101

The most important thing to know about chalk paint is that it is not the same as chalkboard paint. If you are looking for the paint that will let you write and erase whatever you want, this is not what you want. Chalk paint is a matte, vintage inspired paint that is most commonly used to paint furniture but the possibilities are pretty endless. You don't have to worry about sanding off what is already on the furniture because chalk paint will stick to pretty much anything. They are easy to distress if you want to really enhance that vintage vibe with sand paper and it looks awesome.

If you want to seal your furniture, you can use a special wax that will give a sot luster and help protect the paint. You can usually buy wax in different shades to add dimension to your project to make it even more unique. For more information on chalk paint check out DIYBeautify.

Kitchen Makeover

This custom cabinet look give the kitchen cabinets a custom farmhouse feel without an enormous price tag. According to Our Storied Home this makeover cost less than $200! She does say that the waxing process to seal in the paint was a bit time consuming but says that by applying thin even layers you are going to protect the paint and let it last longer. She reviewed her cabinets two years after the makeover and they held up impressively well given that she has small children. Luckily chalk paint is easy to touch up as needed, or embrace the imperfections and pretend you meant for it to look a little bit more vintage.

Bathroom Upgrade

Take this oak vanity from regular to extraordinary!

This DIY-Master used "Old White" paint and applied a dark wax to all of the details so that the vanity would have a vintage look. The look ends up quite lovely when done and with a proper sealant you won't have to worry about it getting ruined.

Try out a bright color for something really different

This bathroom makeover by Thrift Artsy Girl shows how you can take that same oak-style cabinet and make it a bright colorful vanity that you will love. You can also easily add new hardware to really change the look.

Make sure you use the proper sealant for your project

Sincerely Sara found that the usual wax people were using didn't cut it for her kitchen, so she decided to use a different sealer to make sure she wouldn't have to do unnecessary touch ups. Her experience was different than the other bloggers who found the wax dried hard, Sara found the wax was tacky and hard to clean. If you plan on trying out some chalk paint projects, maybe test out which sealer you like better before hand so that you won't have to repaint. But, luckily it is just paint and if you find the finish isn't what you wanted you can always repaint! Happy painting!

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