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Mom Facing Criticism For Charging Her 5-Year-Old Daughter "Rent"

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How old were you when you moved out of your parents's house? I was 18 years old when I moved away to university. I lived in residence for a year and then got my own apartment. It was a big of learning curve, because I was so used to having everything done for me. But the biggest issue I ran into was money. I never realize how much everything cost and had no concept of a legitimate savings plan.

My first apartmentpersonal

Now of course, my parents tried to tell me to save and that I'd need money in the future, but it just never stuck with me. "Why would I not spend the money I have right now so that I can spend it in the future?" It didn't make sense.

One mother in Georgia decided to teach her daughter about rent and expenses in an interesting way, and by all accounts it's a decent idea, but there's one thing that people have an issue with: she's 5.

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