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Check Your Change! You May Have One Of These Valuable Rare Coins

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Coin collecting has a reputation for being a boring hobby, but that's not true at all. It combines science, history, collecting, and best of all you can make a little money from it.

If you have a jar full of coins laying around at home, it can't hurt to check for some really valuable ones. Most of the time what you're checking for is a mistake - especially a really big mistake.

Read about 9 of the most valuable rare coins, then check if you own any of them!

1. 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter - $300

People aren't dying to get their hands on the regular state quarter, which features a cow, some cheese and an ear of corn. But these versions, with extra leaves on the corn, are collector's items.

2. 1974 Aluminium Penny - $250,000

During the early '70s copper was very expensive, and the US mint experimented with a set of aluminum pennies. Most were melted down, but a handful were smuggled out of the mint.

3. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - $7 million

These beautiful golden coins were designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Because the design didn't feature the words "In God We Trust," they were mainly used for international trade. When the US stopped using gold currency in 1933, only a small number of these were printed, making them the world's most valuable coins.

4. Double Ear Lincoln Pennies - $250

These 1 cent pieces famous for the printing error that makes Lincoln look like he has an extra set of ears. Not a huge mistake, but enough to make them worth more than a regular penny.

Keep reading, because there are other common coins that are worth looking for!

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