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Cheese Is As Addictive As Drugs According To Science

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Cheese. I love it. You love it. Everyone loves it (unless you have a diary intolerance.)

Cheese goes well with everything, and often times you can feel as though you physically cannot stop eating it. And as it turns out, there may be a reason for that.

Scientists have found that cheese is actually as addictive as narcotics.

Cheese contains casein (as do all dairy products), which triggers the brain's opioid receptors which are linked to addiction. The same goes for processed foods and fatty foods, but cheese is the highest ranked on the addiction scale. Foods with a higher fat content are linked to addictive-like eating, which is why it can be hard to stop eating junk food.

"[Casomorphins] really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element," says Cameron Wells, a registered dietitian. Some experts go so far as to call cheese "dairy crack."

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