Chicago-Based Restaurant Chain Banning Plastic Straws

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Every day, half a billion plastic straws are discarded by Americans. That's enough to wrap around the planet TWICE, or fill 127 school buses. PER. DAY.

Plastic products constitute 90% of the trash floating in the oceans, and plastic straws are #5 on the list of the 10 most common items found in this floating trash. Plastic straws can't be washed or reused, so why do we keep using them?

They're not only polluting our oceans, but they're also killing wildlife. Over 1 million birds fall victim to plastic consumption each year, while 100,000 marine animals inadvertently consume plastic products yearly.

That's why one restaurant chain in Chicago has declared that all 14 of its locations will no longer be supplying customers with plastic straws.

Continue reading to find out which restaurant chain has decided to end their plastic straw usage!

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