5 Child Stars That Made Big Bank In The 70s

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Now-a-days, it is almost commonplace to hear about how kids on television and in movies are raking in the big bucks, sometimes unbelievably so. But this isn't anything new, as highly watched shows have always made sure to pay their actors (no matter their age) enough for more than a few candy bars.

Here's a look at the fabulously wealthy child stars from your favorite hit TV shows!

Jodie Foster

The beloved child star who rose to fame by acting in a variety of TV series' and Disney films was already critically acclaimed before reaching true stardom. After her breakout role at age 12 in Taxi Driver, she was reportedly earning over $100,000 per movie!

As she has grown older, she transitioned into more of a directorial role with hits that include House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Shaun Cassidy

Known as the hunk from The Hardy Boys, Shaun Cassidy melted hearts as he and his onscreen brother solved crimes across America. He followed this with a successful music career and always played to adoring fans with his rock-and-roll stage presence!

At the height of his fame, he took in $15,000 a week from The Hardy Boys alone! Later, he would move into Broadway acting before settling into a career as a writer and producer.

But while money may come with success, it doesn't always mean Happy Days are here to stay...

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