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Three Children Rescued Four Abandoned Kittens From Certain Death

It was a cool February afternoon and Academy Award night. Nikki, Jordan and Justin were on their way home from playing at the park, when heard the tiny cries of four abandoned kittens. They searched through the bushes and found the fragile, white babies crawling through the dirt. The kittens were so young, they were only four days old and their eyes were still closed.

Nikki ran home to her mother, and the two quickly returned with a box and a towel. They brought the kittens home and Nikki's mom reached out to local cat rescue, Cats at the Studios for help. An overnight pickup and foster care was coordinated for the kittens. Since it was Academy Awards night, three kittens were named Oscar, Leo and Brie. Sadly, the fourth kitten did not survive. Nine weeks later, the remaining kittens grew into gentle, affectionate youngsters and were quickly adopted.

If it hadn't been for those quick-thinking kids and Cats at the Studios, these kittens surely would not have found their forever homes! If you love a happy ending as much as we do, please Like and Share!

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