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Child's Heartbreaking Christmas Letter To Dead Father Sparks Search

Photographer, Stuart McColl was walking his dog one day when he saw something sparkling in a field. The duo naturally went out to investigate and that's when they discovered the letter.

It was attached to a sparkly balloon and carefully decorated with lots of hearts. The unnamed child's request to their father in heaven was so touching, the photographer nearly cried right there in the field.

McColl brought the note home with him and decided to reach out to the internet for help.

The note and balloon were found in a private field behind the Balmule House, a four-star hotel in Dunfermline, Scotland. McColl wants to find the child and give him the presents he's asked for. If the 30-year-old can't locate the boy, he's going to set up a charity page for foster care in the area.

Hopefully he can find the boy in time!

The letter says:

-- Hi Dad!

Hi Dad, just writing you a letter to tell you I'm missing you and tell you news!

I'm sure you know I'm in foster (care) cause mom is sick and my ear is blocked from MONDAY. Tomorrow we're leaving.

I really miss school and you. I know you are up in heaven, but are you safe?

Oh yah, before I go, here's my dream and Xmas list.

My dream is for you my daddy to put a note under my pillow that you wrote.

My Xmas list: Boots/studs, Astros, rebounder net, new Premier League ball, Real Madrid jersey and shorts and Rubik's Cube. Bye daddy. Love you.  --

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