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Have Your Cake And Lose Weight Too! Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Might Be The Next Diet Trend

Now this is a diet I can get behind! Chocolate cake for breakfast might just become the latest (and obviously greatest) food trend for all those people trying to lose weight. Studies about the health benefits of cocoa - a.k.a the most wonderful substance in the world - have been coming out to once again remind everyone that dark chocolate is good for you. It is shown to help with your brain function, including abstract reasoning, memory and focus. Scientists have now started to propose that eating chocolate in the morning is the perfect option.


"The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday, so what better day part to incorporate dark chocolate into your meal than breakfast?" - Liz Moskow, Food Trend Expert

In another study, it was discovered that eating dessert for breakfast is actually helpful for those trying to lose weight.


Your metabolism is most active in the morning, so eating a chocolate cake is helpful when you need to keep that boost all day. The one catch - because of course there is one - is that you would have to find cakes without a lot of sugar or fat. Also the best benefits come from dark-chocolate, so you need a low-sugar dark chocolate cake to eat for breakfast. The studies focus on cocoa extracts and not just chocolate bars so don't think that eating a Kit-Kat for breakfast is going to help you drop ten pounds, but any chocolate is better than no chocolate right?

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