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Christmas Kitten Collapses After Eating Poisonous Plant

Elsa the kitten was just six months old when she fell deathly ill and collapsed on Christmas Day.

Human mom, Tara Christmas (yes, that's her real name), found her little black kitten collapsed on the floor and rushed her to the PDSA charity and Pet Hospital in Sheffield, England.

The cause was poisoning. Tara didn't know it, but the new Christmas plant she had on display was actually poisoning her kitten with every little nibble she took.

"I kept moving it, but Elsa would always find a way to reach it. I had no idea that it was poisonous though..." she told The Mail.

The Poinsettia was given to Tara as a gift, but after the close call with Elsa, it went straight to the trash. Now, Tara checks very carefully before bringing any new flowers or plants into the house. Thankfully for little Elsa, she was brought to the vet just in time and made a full recovery.

Remember to keep Poinsettias out of your cat's reach - or better yet, buy the silk version. They last longer and they can withstand your kitten's chewing!

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