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Chubby Dog Wins National Prize By Losing 40% Of His Body Weight

A dog who loves to eat out of the garbage and a rabbit who was so heavy he couldn't hop were just some of the steep competition that Oscar, a 10 year old King Charles Spaniel from England, beat in a weight loss competition.

Oscar's owner June Lawrence, 78, loves to spoil her beloved pet, but the dog's size was beginning to have a serious impact on his health. Oscar couldn't catch his breath, even when he was standing still, and he had to be lifted up onto the couch.

It's no secret how Oscar ended up like this. His owners loved to treat him to snacks, including his own Sunday roast - on his own plate - with potatoes and pastry on the side.

Thankfully, after joining a competition for overweight pets, Oscar has come out on top, and made a new, healthier life for himself.

Every year, the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, a charity for animals in the UK, holds a competition that challenges the country's fattest pets to slim down for a chance to win a holiday and a year's supply of (healthy) food.

Oscar's huge weight loss set a record for the competition. He began at a whopping 48 pounds - 80% over his ideal weight - and ended the contest 6 months later at just 29 pounds.

Rebecca Ashman, a vet with the PDSA who judges the competition, calls his transformation "truly incredible," and says "he's living proof that it's never to late to make positive changes to improve our pet's health and well-being."

Oscar lost the weight by staying on a strict diet and a weekly routine of hydrotherapy. When he started, the portly pooch could only doggy paddle for 15 seconds. Now, he loves to swim for up to 10 minutes.

What an inspiring transformation! Oscar should make his own exercise tape, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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