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Church Bans 'Fat' People From Its Worship Team

It's not really in the ten commandments, but I bet God doesn't take kindly to discriminating people based on their weight. Especially if you're banning them from being on a worship team.

The New Creation Church in Oregon posted on Facebook, searching for members to join their worship team which is in charge of leading the congregation in worship. Except they included a few...interesting requirements.

  • Clothing can't have clashing colors
  • Make-up on BEFORE you enter the church
  • Buy breath mints at the bookstore
  • Use of effective deodorant
  • A submissive attitude
  • No excessive weight

The church has since deleted the post due to obvious backlash. But the requirements haven't changed.  

"No Excessive weight. Weight is something that many people have to deal with. Make sure that you are taking care of your temple, exercising and eating properly," the guideline stated. "We want the worship team to look the best they can! Remember that the way we look is of utmost importance. We are the first thing the congregation sees."

Pastor Rebecca Sundholm says the guidelines were written a few years back and aren't really enforced anymore. "If anybody looked at our worship team, they would see they aren't all skinny."

Y'know, that doesn't make it sound any better?

The church has been taking a lot of heat for their requirements, with a lot of people saying it's against the Word of God to discriminate against someone who wants to spread the love of the Lord just because they're overweight.

Do you think this church has gone too far? Let us know in the comments!

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