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Cigarette Company Announces Some Healthy Changes For Their Customers

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Wall Street Journal

While "cigarette" and "healthy" are not two terms you would expect to find in a headline, one brand has unveiled that they plan to make some positive differences this year.

It seems that Philip Morris International has taken the phrase "New Year, New Me" to heart, and that spells good news for all of their customers who want to enjoy their products while trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

The tobacco giant is the parent company of popular brands such as Marlboro, L&M, and Chesterfield. They were originally founded over a hundred years ago in 1900, but this year they announced that they will be trying something for the first time in their history.

With over 150 million consumers worldwide, and 80,000 employees, Philip Morris International has publicly defended their committments to offering healthier choices in the past, but nothing ever quite like this.

So how does the #1 provider of tobacco products in the world plan to give up cigarettes?

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