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13 Facts You Didn't Know About Clark Gable

Clark Gable is one of those actors that everyone has heard of, but doesn't know a lot about. He was around long before the invention of the internet so it wasn't like there was as much gossip as there is now. But what do we really know about the actor?

He starred in one of the most well known movies of all time (Gone With The Wind) and yet there is so much stuff no one knew! Here are 13 facts you didn't know about Clark Gable.

1. He caused the sales of men's undershirts to drop

It's suspected that because he wasn't wearing an undershirt in the movie It Happened One Night that men stopped buy them. There is no way to verify it, but it is a valid theory. Movies today still influence fashion all the time.

2. His birth certificate listed him as a female by accident

3. His mother died shortly after his birth from a brain tumor

4. According to Carry Grant, he and Gable would swap gifts they had received.

Cary Grant wrote about the tradition in his book "'Did you get any monogrammed stuff you don't want?' If he said yes, I'd hurry 'round and we'd exchange initialed presents."

5. He had to have almost all of his teeth removed before he was 32

He suffered from pyorrhea, an infection that could have killed him but they removed his teeth and then he had to wear dentures all the time.

6. His dentures caused him to have terrible breath

Vivian Leigh complained about the smell at the time but they got along well other than that.

7. He had a secret love child

Clark had an affair with Loretta Young while filming The Call Of The Wild. Loretta denied that her daughter, Judy Lewis, was Gable's until she was an adult.

8. He gave his Oscar away

He won an Oscar for the movie It Happened One Night but gave the actual statue to a kid. He was satisfied having won it but didn't feel the need to keep the statue itself. However the statue was returned to his widow after he passed away in 1960.

9. He almost boycotted the premiere of Gone With The Wind

He was upset that Hattie McDaniel wasn't allowed to attend the event. She convinced him to go even though she wasn't allowed to go herself.

10. Clark Gable was dyslexic

11. Adolf Hitler offered a reward for his capture

Hitler offered a reward to anyone who could capture the actor and bring him in unscathed.

12. He was married 5 times

His first two wives were significantly older than him. He was famously married to Carole Lombard until she died in a tragic plane crash.

13. He played the same role in a remake of one of his most famous movies.

He played the same role 19 years later when they made the new version of Red Dust with Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner.

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