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Classmates Surprise Special Needs Student With New Shoes For Christmas

If you needed any proof that the spirit of giving is alive and well this Christmas, look no further.

Three boys from Somerset High School in Somerset, Texas are making news around the world today because of their generosity. It all began when 17 year old student Salvador Solis was in math class with J.R. Gilbert, a special needs student with hydrocephalus and ADHD.

Gilbert told Solis that his shoes were almost three sizes too small, and asked if he knew anyone who wore size 13. Solis told NBC news he was bothered that his friend didn't have everything he needed to be comfortable.

"I wanted to do something," he said.

Together with two other classmates, Roger Villegas and Martin Ramos, Solis began asking for donations to buy Gilbert new shoes. About 20 students donated $180, enough to buy not just one, but two pair of shoes for Gilbert.

Gilbert's mother clarified that he does own shoes that fit, but he loves to wear the boots which were a gift from his grandfather, even though they're too small. She still appreciates the "sweet gesture" by the students.

Gilbert wearing both his new pairs of shoes.

As for Gilbert, he was clearly overjoyed by the gifts. Solis made sure to ask what Gilbert's favorite color was, and it paid off when he opened the box to find his new pair of green shoes. This is sure to be a Christmas Gilbert will remember for a long time, but Solis says Gilbert's expression when he opened his presents is "something that's going to stick we me for a while" as well.

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