Clinton Kelly Reveals Feud With "What Not To Wear" Co-Host

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For ten years, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly were the perfect pair as they ambushed unsuspecting fashion criminals, who have been nominated for a makeover by their family, friend, or colleagues.

London and Kelly showed off their undeniable chemistry and incredible styling skills on TLC's What Not To Wear week after week, until the show ended in October 2013.


Both London and Kelly have since taken up other responsibilities. London is the Editor-at-Large of Shape Magazine, and the host of the TLC show Love, Lust, or Run, which is similar to What Not To Wear. She has also authored two books, including a memoir titled The Truth About Style.

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Kelly also has some writing credits to his name, including the recently published series of essays titled I Hate Everyone, Except You. He is now the moderator of the ABC daytime cooking show The Chew.


Although London and Kelly continued to work in fashion and TV, they didn't hint at working together again. Many fans presumed that they were waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking, but that is a far cry from the truth.

During a recent episode of The Chew, Kelly revealed that he and his former co-host aren't on the best terms, in fact, they aren't talking to each other at all.

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