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Little Coconut Was Found Trembling With Her Siblings

In early September, three feral kittens were found hiding together in a Naples, Florida backyard.

The newborns were huddled together - in the middle was the smallest, shivering and trembling. Megan Sorbara, president of the Naples Cat Alliance got the call and came directly to them.

Sorbara tells petMD that her organization had trapped many cats in the area - adopting them to new homes or neutering and releasing them. The kittens' mother has been "extremely hard to catch," when Sorbara arrived, she was nowhere to be found.

Sorbara and her boyfriend found the three and named them Praline, Pistachio and Coconut. When they lifted the kittens up, they recognized right away that something was wrong with little Coconut.

"We knew something wasn't quite right with Coconut the minute we saw her. Upon closer inspection at the shelter, we knew it was definitely true," Sorbara said. "She had a very severe head tilt and could barely walk."

The two-week old kittens were brought back to the shelter for some TLC - health checkups and bottle feeding. Sorbara was especially concerned for Coconut.

She made a video of the little kitten's movements and sent them to her veterinarian. Thankfully, all three kittens are healthy, Coconut just has a few extra obstacles to overcome.

"She still has a head tilt, but she is able to hold her self up for longer periods of time," she tells petMD. "Depending on her special needs, [we] will determine when, and if, she will be available for adoption."

Even though little Coconut has some challenges, Sorbara believes that her spunky little spirit will help her to overcome them.

"She is a little spitfire! She loves to wrestle with her brothers and she has lots of energy... she is a special kitty, totally unaware of her disabilities; she is a little fighter."

We love you little Coconut! Stay strong!

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