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Community Won't Tolerate Heartless Firing Of Dad Who Chose Family Over Job

Before his son was born, Lamar Austin worked at Salerno Protective Services on security detail.

The New Hampshire man was on call for a weekend shift, when his wife, Lindsay, went into labor with their fourth child. Lindsay's labor lasted from Friday evening through Sunday morning.

The morning of his son's birth, Lamar received a text that told him he was "terminated."

Lamar and Lindsay Austin with newborn baby, Cainin.GoFundMe

Baby Canin was the first baby born in the state of New Hampshire for 2017. When news broke of his father's job loss, the community rallied around the family.

Former town board member, Sar Persechino started a GoFundMe campaing for the family to help them while Lamar looked for another job.

Not long after, Lamar received three job offers, an apprenticeship from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and an offer from the labor union, AFL-CIO.

"Sometimes you lose something and you get something even better," Mr Austin told the Concord Monitor.

Do you think parents should have to choose between work and family when it comes to events like birth and death?

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