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Congratulations To Sundance Head - Winner Of 'The Voice'

It's been a long, musical journey full of incredible talent and amazing guest appearances on Season 11 of 'The Voice'.  This year's crowned king and winner of the mega popular singing competition goes to the ultra talented Sundance Head.

His unusual name, long beard, powerful voice and infectious stage presence would not be denied this season. His country touch was just enough to take familiar songs like Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' or Alicia Keys' 'No One' and transform them into something entirely different that was uniquely enchanting.

Even if you aren't a country fan, you'll find yourself tapping your toes along to his tunes.


In probably the most epic of all finale acts, Sundance Head ROCKED OUT with Kiss and you can tell that he was having the best stage moment of his life!

Sundance sang for team Blake. The duo totally blew it out of the water with their version of Treat Her Right by his father, Roy Head. Sundance's victory is Team Blake's 5th win on the Voice.

If you think he seems familiar, you wouldn't be wrong - in fact, you've probably seen him on another, popular reality TV competition.

In 2011, Sundance tried his luck on American Idol's 6th season. Although he finished in the Top 15, he never gave up hope that one day he would achieve his dream.

Now that he's achieved his greatest goal, let's celebrate by looking back at his top 5 performances this season!

This powerful audition that won him a spot on Blake's team:

Fans were treated to a softer side of Sundance in his soulful version of "Me and Jesus"

Knockout Rounds: he turns Miley's Pop hit "The Climb" into a country classic

Semifinals: he stuns the crowd with this lovely ballad "Love Can Build A Bridge" by The Judds

Finale. This is probably my favorite song of all time - At Last by Etta James - and Sundance just belts the heck out of it:

Congratulations to Sundance Head! Can't wait to hear your first record of originals!

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