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Congressional Candidate Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens

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Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera has made a name for herself in Florida politics throughout her career, but now she's making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Aguilera made a name for herself as a businesswoman and a city councilor.Doral Family Journal

The 59-year-old entrepreneur served as a councilwoman in Doral City, and has started her own political dynasty. Aguilera's son-in-law is Vice President Pence's deputy chief of staff, and her daughter is the former Hispanic outreach director for the Republican National Committee.

But in the tight race for a retiring congresswoman's seat, Aguilera's personal views are attracting more attention than her political stances. That's because of a pair of TV interviews where Aguilera claimed she was contacted by aliens twice have been going viral.

On a 2009 episode of Experiencias Extradimensionales (Extradimensional Experiences) Aguilera recounts a story of being telepathically contacted by aliens and invited into their spaceship as a 7-year-old.

Aguilera describes her aliens as much different from the typical "grey" alien.Alyson Dunlop

Aguilera described the aliens as blonde beings - one male and two female - with large bodies that reminded her of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. She also mentions warnings the aliens shared with her, including one about ISIS.

As her claims attract more attention, Aguilera has issued a statement on her UFO claims...

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