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This Controversial Method To Teach Babies 'Survival Skills' Is Making Headlines

The Daily Mail posted a heart-stopping video of toddlers being thrown into a pool in full clothing with no flotation devices, and people are freaking out.

The video is to demonstrate a controversial method of teaching babies how to float in water if they ever fall in. The tots are thrown in and then left to recover and make it to the surface on their own. The technique was brought over to the United States from the UK as part of the International Swimming Academy.

Drowning kills 3 kids in the USA every day. So it could be argued that this is a necessary technique to learn.

Check out the video:

One of the instructors, Silvia Garcia, said "'Babies, toddlers and children will learn breath control, self-orientation and appropriate swimming postures to allow them to rotate onto their backs, float like a starfish and swim like a dolphin."

Now, it's not like these babies are just thrown in at the first lesson. Full, unassisted immersion is only done once the kids have successfully learned how to float. Then they are taught how to self-orientate themselves in the water and come to the surface.

It's been dividing a lot of people among the internet. So we've gotta ask...what do you think? Is this method an okay way to teach babies how to survive? Or is it just plain wrong? Let us know!

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