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Cop Busts A Move With 92-Year-Old Grandma In Adorable Impromptu Dance [VIDEO]

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Sometimes you just need to let all your worries take a backseat and dance. This is 92-year-old Mellie Seiver's philosophy.

The senior loves to crank up the radio and bust a move whenever she can. This weekend, Seiver was dancing alone in the parking lot of her apartment building when unexpected company showed up.

Sgt. Kim Lenz of Austin Police Department in Minnesota was on patrol when she spotted the grandmother dancing alone and decided to pull over.

“I’ve seen her dancing a few times, and for some odd reason I decided to stop, and make conversation with her,” Lenz told People.

Lenz couldn't resist Seiver's infectious dance moves so she decided to join her for an impromptu dance party.

Lucky for us, the entire heartwarming moment was captured on video by the officer's dashcam then shared on Facebook by the Austin Police Department.

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