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He Takes Sweet Selfie With This Lost Dog And Basically Saves The Day

One Saturday morning, Patrolman Lavigne responded to a call about a loose dog running around in the streets. When the 25-year-old police officer arrived, he found that the dog was being held in at a local bank. The friendly pup greeted Lavigne and hopped into the back of his cruiser.

The cop brought his new companion to Animal Control, but no one was on duty. Lavigne decided to keep the dog with him for the rest of his shift. The new sidekick was showered with treats and belly rubs by other officers throughout their shift. Before returning the pup to Animal Control, Lavigne took a quick selfie and posted it to Instagram, hoping that someone might recognize the dog.

The photo worked! Animal Control found the owner and was able to reunite the lost dog and his family. Lavigne's picture was shared over 763 times and has more than 5 thousand likes on Facebook. He was so successful, that he was dispatched to recover another lost dog one week later.

He bought some Slim Jims and shared them with the dog after snapping this adorable selfie. Sure enough, the picture found its way to the owner, Mark Lopez, who thanked Lavigne for finding his friend.

As for Lavigne? He's happy to help and to put a positive spin on police work. Just call him "The Dog Whisperer," everyone else does.

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