Cops Find Koala Inside Woman's Backpack, Because Australia

Honestly, nothing should be a surprise out of Australia anymore.

This past weekend, cops apprehended a woman on outstanding matters, but were shocked to find what she was hiding in her backpack.

Drugs? Nope. Money? Nope. Illegal food? Nope.

A koala bear.

The 50-year-old woman was asked if she had anything to declare in her bag and she responded fairly honestly, saying a baby koala bear. Officers didn't really believe her, so they looked inside. Yup. That's a koala.

The woman claims she had found the creature the night before on the side of the road. Officials are still looking into her claims, but are urging others to call an animal hotline instead of handling the animals themselves. Often times, the animals look fine on the outside but may have internal injuries. It's better to call the professionals than deal with it yourself.

This particular koala bear is going to be just fine, apparently. He's about 6 months in age and is doing well. His name has been officially deemed Alfred.

Here are the pictures Brisbane Police released of Alfred and his favorite backpack.

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