12 Corgi Mixes That Remind Us Why Corgis Are The Greatest

Corgis are potentially the cutest dog in the world.

So is it possible to make them even cuter? The answer is hell yes.

We did some research and found the cutest cross-breed corgis in town! Take a look at our favorites!

Do you have any of these breeds?

1. Labragi (Labrador-Corgi)

2. Corgherd (Australian Shepherd-Corgi)

3. German Shephergi (German Shepherd-Corgi)

4. Husgi (Husky-Corgi)

5. Corgitian (Corgi-Dalmatian)

6. Beagi (Beagle-Corgi)

7. Shigi (Shiba Inu-Corgi)

8. Cohuahua (Chihuahua-Corgi)

9. Cattlegi (Cattle Dog-Corgi)

10. Sheepgi (Sheep Dog-Corgi)

11. Corgiever (Golden Retriever - Corgi)

12. Puggi (Pug-Corgi)

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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