'Corner Gas' Star Janet Wright Has Died At 71

It's a sad day for Canadian comedy, as beloved actress Janet Wright has passed away.

The stage and screen actress was best known for her portrayal of Emma Leroy on the Canadian hit series, 'Corner Gas.' The show ended in 2009, but it still holds a special place in all Canadians' hearts today.

Wright was born in England and came to Canada with her family at a young age. Her family settled in Saskatoon, where Wright would eventually open the Persephone Theater.

Janet Wright and Eric Peterson on the set of 'Corner Gas.'

Wright's co-star, Eric Peterson, had nothing but lovely words to say about his late friend.

"She was an incredibly, wonderfully complex woman of tremendous strength and intelligence and wonderful actress. She knew a lot about the art of acting and the art of theatre as a director. The wonderful thing about her as an actress -- especially in something like 'Corner Gas' -- she brought so much to that part as only Janet could. Even the simplest line, she thoroughly thought it through. She seemed to be able to give a straightforward line that was redolent with meaning. Often my character was the brunt of that redolent meaning too. I'm just very sad. We're the same age. One's reminded how short life is."

Janet Wright is survived by her 3 children.

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