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Could This Man Really Be Adele's Biological Father?

Award winning singer-songwriter, Adele, is making headlines for something other than her stunning pipes.

A Turkish folk singer by the name of Mehmet Asar, is reaching out across a 'million miles' to say 'hello' to the songstress he claims is his biological daughter.

Asar, 52, tells Hurriyet Daily News that he met Adele's mother, Penny Adkins, while she was on holiday at a resort in July 1987. He claims that Adele's birth in May 1998 lines up perfectly with the timing of his affair with her mother.

"We liked each other and had an affair for two weeks. She extended her vacation and returned to England one month later. She later came back to Bodrum twice and stayed for one month," he told the publication..

He provided a photo of him with Adele's mother as proof of their relationship and invited both women to meet with him in Bodurm, where he would take a paternity test.

He claims  his genes that are responsible for Adele's intonations when she sings and that their physical resemblance is undeniable: her third and fourth finger resemble his conjoined fingers.

"I invite Adele and her mother to Bodrum. They should come here, have a holiday, and we can meet. I think and feel that I am Adele's father. I can even take a DNA test if Adele wants. The most important thing I want people to know is that I do not have any particular expectation." He said, "I live in Bodrum and have a good life, I just want my daughter to know the truth."

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