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Countdown Of The Top 20 Movies Of 2016

Going to the movies is easily one of the best things you can do. The popcorn, the previews, the giant tubs of soda, all of it is really awesome.

It really is basically my favorite thing to do, and this year there were a lot of really great choices! There was something for everyone. Whether you wanted excellent animation, feuding heroes, the return of the wizarding world or reboots of familiar stories, the film industry had a pretty impressive year! Check out the top 20 movies of 2016! (As of December 5th)


20. Moana - $119,888,330


The new Disney movie just came out and it already made it's way up past so many others. Disney is always a real winner, especially when they team up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who we all know is the greatest.

19. Sully - $124,508,177

I think it's time we all agree that Tom Hanks should not be allowed to be in most forms of transportation. Planes have not worked out for him, boats aren't the greatest, even when he was animated, cars weren't that great to him either. Tom Hanks should be kept on the ground, on his feet at all times.

18. The Legend of Tarzan - $126,643,061


I don't know that I remember this movie coming out, but it apparently did really well!

17. Central Intelligence - $127,440,871

Another hit for the Rock! Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart had this funny buddy cop style movie.

16. Ghostbusters - $128,350,574


Say what you want about reboots, but this one was enjoyable. The cast was great, especially Kate McKinnon who is America's new sweetheart. So many subtle nods to the original but it didn't feel tired.

15. Trolls - $141,371,445

This sweet little musical adventure has the one and only Justin Timberlake, along with Anna Kendrick, James Coden, Zoey Deschanel and a bunch of other ridiculously talented people. The star power on this cast is actually insane.

14. Kung Fu Panda 3 - $143,528,619


These movies apparently will not stop being successful. Kids love them so much which is perfectly fine.

13. X-Men: Apocalypse - $155,442,489


The latest in the newer versions of X-Men movies did pretty well. The cast list was huge, as it seems to be in these movies, and there are rumors it might be that last for some of the main cast, including Jennifer Lawrence.

12. Star Trek Beyond - $158,848,340

The poor crew of the Enterprise can't catch a break. Just when they start getting bored, they just full on explode. This movie was a little bit sad to watch because poor Anton Yelchin had just passed away in that crazy accident, but the movie itself was pretty fun.

11. Jason Bourne - $162,192,920

Because Matt Damon didn't like the Jeremy Renner version apparently. He came back and made another one with him, because why not?

10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - $183,507,403


I cannot wait for the rest of these movies. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so when they let us know about this new series, I was SO excited. Newt was an excellent hero, different in so many ways from Harry, and it was really exciting to be in a completely different time period. This movie just came out, so I am sure it will climb this list before the end of the year.

9. Doctor Strange - $215,309,177


The most mind bending Marvel movie yet, but people followed along anyways. Marvel is continuing to push the boundaries, getting us ready for the more ridiculous things of the future like a war in space.

8. Suicide Squad - $325,100,054


Despite the fact that a lot of this movie had issues, it was a fun shoot-em-up super villain movie that if you don't think about too hard can be enjoyable.

7. Batman x Superman: Dawn of Justice - $330,360,194


So this movie happened. It has some really terrible reviews, and I really can't blame them. The plot of this movie doesn't make a lot of sense. BUT! In defense of this movie, the only saving grace: Wonder Woman. Her introduction really did a good job at getting people excited for her solo movie.

6. Zootopia - $341,268,24


This movie was amazingly adorable. A buddy cop movie - or should I say bunny-cop movie? Yes please. I want them to make a sequel to this, it was fantastic.

5. Deadpool - $363,070,709


This was the movie the studios didn't want to make. I bet they are glad that someone leaked the footage now! Deadpool was an amazing movie that stuck to it's roots even though they faced a lot of criticism for it. Comic books don't have to be for kids and Deadpool totally proved that there is a market for well-made R-Rated superhero movies.

4. The Jungle Book - $364,001,123


Disney is really going all in with their live action reboots of all their classic movies. There are more coming out soon, including a bunch of princess movies, probably in part to the success of this movie!

3. The Secret Life Of Pets - $368,015,345


I am surprised this beat out Zootopia, but it was also pretty amazing! It is almost like Homeward Bound but more modern. And also, who can resist Jenny Slate's little fluffball of a dog?

2. Captain America: Civil War - $408,084,349


See, this hero rivalry actually worked a lot better than the DC version, maybe because the characters are just way more likable. Not to mention the fact that Marvel movies are actually hilarious. I don't know why DC always tries to be dark and gritty. You are watching costumed heroes run around, let them crack a smile every once and a while. The whole cast in this movie was outrageous. It was essentially an Avengers 2.5, minus Thor and Hulk, but it let us see more of some of the characters we didn't get to see before. More Bucky please. All the time.

1. Finding Dory - $486,293,573


Just when you think you knew how much people loved Ellen Degeneres, you realize that she had the highest grossing movie of 2016 by A LOT. Kids love these underwater adventures and usually parents can actually enjoy them just as much! A solid win for everyone!

Were you surprised by the top movies? Did your favorite make the cut? Share with your favorite movie in the comments!

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